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Access Numbers

Toll Free vs. Local Access
With eMax you have two ways to make calls – Toll Free or Local Access. You can make calls using our Toll-Free Access Number 1-866-951-eMax (3629) which is easy to remember, just think every time I use eMax I save 50 to 90% on all calls I make. However to provide you with additional savings eMax has recently added Local Access Numbers, that will provide you with an additional 1¢ per minute saving to anywhere you call. So whatever the per minute rate to the destination you wish to call just add 1¢ per minute with the toll free number access and no addition with the Local Access Number. We encourage every user to use any local access if city is not on the list to save more.
Please visit our rates page to see the complete list of rates to all international destinations.

Toll Free Access Number
1-866-951-eMax (3629) - never changes will always stay the same no matter where you are!! Please note that there is an additional 1¢ per minute with the use of the toll free access number.

Local Access Number Search
For additional savings you may choose to use a Local Access Number to access our system rather than the above Toll free number. You may search access numbers simply by entering your phone number. Local access numbers are available in most major cities in the US and Canada. If you do not find a local access number for your area, call customer service 1-678-799-9920 or 1-678-608-1071 or 1-800-948-4996 or check back soon, as we are regularly adding cities to our list.


Request Access Number

Please note, however, that despite our best efforts, local access numbers are not always available. As such, charges for utilizing the Service may vary depending upon availability of local access numbers. Further, this Service in no way guarantees access to or availability of local access numbers. eMax suggests that our customers confirm with their local phone carriers to determine whether the local access numbers provided are considered local by your carrier. No refunds and/or credits will be issued if local access numbers are not available or if your local carrier bills you at local rates for the provided local access numbers.

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