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About eMax Communications

"Leveraging smart innovative technology to make things easier, simpler and inexpensive for you!"

We got tired of getting ripped-off and we think you are too. Calling Card providers are charging exorbitant rates and hiding all sorts of fees, so you never really know how far your money really goes and what you pay per minute. eMax offers a simple straightforward alternative, the lowest cost long distance service available in the US, without charging any activation or connection fees or need to sign long-term contracts.

Our Commitment
We intend to offer you the best rates and highest quality of service available. Whether you're calling from home or cell phone, eMax is committed to giving you the most for your money when making international calls from anywhere to mobile or land lines. We offer 24x7 customer support, on-line call detail reports, and an international telecommunications network that's second to none.

Our Pledge
No pins. No connection fees. No maintenance fees. No sign-up fees. No surcharges. No minimums. No obligations. No hassles. No expiration dates. No rip-offs. You only pay for the minute or seconds used. Just dial a local access or toll free number to access our network and let us show you just how inexpensive and worry-free international calling can be.

An Unbeatable Value
We know that rates are the first thing that everyone looks at when selecting a long distance service. If we didn't offer low rates, we couldn't be in business, and as such, eMax rates are among the lowest in the industry. Check them out on our Rates page. We promise you the best rates available and the minutes that we offer you are honest/true minutes. As a result of this, we guarantee that you will not be charged any additional charges other than the charges for the calls made.
We are so confident in our reliable service that we can extend a FREE TRIAL to our new customers.

Exceed Customer Expectations
We strive to exceed our customers expectations by providing exceptional customer service to our customers. We also welcome our customers suggestions regarding the services we provide and the services they expect us to provide to them. Our customers are held in high regard and as a result, we provide them direct access to our customer service representatives.

Our clients are overwhelmingly satisfied with our superior quality and affordable rates! And now you can try our service for free by registering online or by calling us at 1-678-799-9920 or 1-678-608-1071 or 1-800-948-4996.

Our goal is to provide you with the best rates and the best service that you can use with one number from any phone. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Business Inquires
For business inquiries about corporate account or being an agent, please send an email to our business center Phone: 1-678-923-5637

User Inquires
For Customer service please send an email to customer service Phones: 1-678-799-9920 or 1-678-608-1071 or 1-800-948-4996

2810 West Walnut Street
Rogers AR 72756

Hours of Operation
Mon-Sat: 8am - 9pm
Sunday: 1pm - 6pm

Please note that all times are in CST
After hours, please send an email to customer support for any assitance or call 1-678-460-5147 to credit your account

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