eMax Agent/Reseller Agreement

eMax is a service of eMax Communications, LLC.

This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which eMax Communications, LLC offers you access to the services which facilitate long distance calling, reselling of calling time, and account management over the internet.

These terms and conditions affect your rights and should be read carefully and thoroughly. In these terms and conditions, WE," "US," AND "OUR" refer to eMax Communications, LLC and "YOU" and "YOUR" refer to you, the eMax Agent/Reseller. Customer refers to a person using eMax calling services.

By opening a reseller account with eMax Communications, LLC you agree to the underlying Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with or understand all the Terms and Conditions please contact Customer Service prior to opening an account.

As a member of the eMax Communications, LLC reseller program, you may purchase calling credit from eMax Communications, LLC and resell them to Customers. When Customers referred by you to eMax Communications, LLC subsequently reload their eMax Communications, LLC accounts you will earn bonus calling credit. You may also refer other eMax Communications, LLC resellers.

The conditions set forth are as follows:


eMax Communications, LLC.com bills customer's prepaid balance for every call placed. Calls placed by customers are rounded up to the nearest minute.


Calling rates vary from country to country as well as mobile rates within same country. Please always check the rates page on the eMax website, your custom designed portal, or your agent website for current rates. Call rates are subject to change without notice due to international currency variations.

Qualified Referrals

A. Customers: In order to receive credit for referring a customer the person must not have had an account with eMax Communications, LLC for a period of 90 days from the date you entered the person into our system.
B. Resellers: In order to receive credit for referring a customer the person must not have had a reseller account with eMax Communications, LLC at any time in the past.

Referral Program Earnings

You may earn commissions or other incentives for qualified referrals of customers or resellers. The amount of these incentives and the conditions under which they are paid may change from time-to-time at our discretion.

A. Reselling Calling Credit: When you purchase physical calling cards you will pay 80% of the amount of the actual calling credit purchased and 10% for any calling time credit given either by phone or the internet. In the case of online calling time credits, all accounts are pre-paid and all payments are expected in full. Only sales of at least $500 qualify for any commissions on an accrual or monthly basis if the agent is able to meet the sales requirements.
B. Reseller Referrals: You will earn 3% of the sales from any reseller that you refer to eMax Communications. Your referred reseller needs to have sales of at least $500 during the month to qualify for any commissions. In any month where your referred reseller does not make the $500 in sales, the sales are accrued until the minimum requirement is met.

Sign Up

Signing up for a reseller account is very easy with eMax Communications. There is a reseller form on the eMax website under the agents section. Be sure to fill out all the fields that are marked as necessary fields to prevent any issues during the sign up process. There is NO charge to any person for signing up with eMax Communications reseller program. eMax Communications reserves the right to contact all reseller's customers as the need arises.

Customer Management

eMax Communications, LLC provides all resellers with a customer management tool called the ACRM (Agent Customer Relationship Management) portal. With this portal, the reseller is able to create new customers, modify customer accounts, charge customers for calling time, view call history, view invoices, and other customer management information. The ACRM portal is provided at no charge to the reseller. Note that agent accounts cannot be used to make any phone calls.

Account Security

Every user account is protected by a 7 to 9 digit PIN. Please take care to ensure the protection of your PIN. Do not give your PIN to any other person. If you suspect your PIN is being used inappropriately please contact us immediately to have you PIN reset. Your reseller account will have a PIN that is made available to you as a reseller. You will also be able to manage the PIN of any of your customers through the ACRM.

Your Liability

Your reseller account is non-transferable. Reseller is liable for any charges incurred from misuse of account by an unauthorized party resulting from loss of PIN number. You must inform us immediately if account is being used by an unauthorized user or if there is any need to change your PIN or account credentials to prevent unauthorized access to your customers' accounts.


You shall indemnify eMax Communications against all liabilities, claims, damages, losses and expenses arising from breach of account security and liabilities.


All services provided by eMax Communications are on "as is, as available" basis. eMax Communications does not warrant that our services are error-free and does not express or imply any warranty for services offered. Network congestion or failure, packet loss can occasionally affect voice connection or quality. eMax Communications shall not be liable for any cost or damage incurred arising from failure of our service. Customer/reseller must inform us immediately if account is being used by an unauthorized user.

Account Cancellation

eMax Communication reserves the right to cancel a reseller's account if the reseller engages in activities that are outside the boundaries of this agreement that may lead to a negative image or impression of the company. NO account will be cancelled until the cancellation decision is made known to the reseller with an appropriate reason for cancellation.


In the event of any call dispute, refunds can only be credited to user's call balance. Call credit refunds are subject to investigation and approval by eMax Communications. Agents/Resellers may inform the eMax customer service by phone call or by mail of any customer disputes.

Referral Bonuses

In order to qualify for referral bonus. Referred party and referring party must both be eligible. Referred party must not be a current or previous customer of eMax Communications, LLC. Additionally, referrer and referee must not live at same address or use the same card or PayPal account for payment. In order to qualify for a referral, the referred customer must make a minimum purchase of $10.


This website contains material which is owned by or licensed to us. This material includes, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics. Reproduction is prohibited other than in accordance with the copyright notice, which forms part of these terms and conditions.


If you have a dispute concerning the eMax Communications, LLC service, you should first contact eMax Communications, LLC Customer Service. Any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms must be brought within three months after the date on which the basis for the dispute or claim first arises or the period of time provided by statute.

Legal Jurisdiction

These terms shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the state of Arkansas, USA and the customer irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the state of Arkansas, USA.

Agent Website

Agents are provided a website at no cost for the first three months after which the agent will be charged $10 monthly. All agent websites are a replica of the company's website. All customers that sign up on the agent's website can be managed through the ACRM and customers created using the ACRM can recharge their accounts using the agent's website. If you are interested in a website, be sure to make that known while signing up for a reseller account. All websites are provided a week after sign up.

Agent/Seller Training

eMax provides training and other forms of help to the reseller at no charge. All training or tutorial sessions must be scheduled on the using the schedule calenday amde available on the website.

For more information, send requests to: eMax Agents Support

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