How the program works

After your FREE signup, you will have access to tools that will help you acquire leads and convert them to paying customers. Our program is set up in a way that allows you to begin landing customers the very same day you choose to become an agent.

Performance Based Pay
We pay our agents based on individual performance. The more customers you sign up, the higher your rate of commission. The eMax Agent Program will pay you a percentage for every customer you refer to our prepaid long distance service.

Recruiting Other Agents
In addition to your customer base, the eMax Agent program pays a commission for every agent who signs up with you. Not only do you get paid for signing up an agent, but for every subsequent agent as well. So when they generate sales, you will receive rewards for their efforts too!

After you have signed up with the eMax agent program, you will be given tools to help keep track of your customers, invoices, call history etc. All of this information is contained within our Advanced CRM tool (ACRM), which will provide you everything you need to excel as an agent. In order to make your job easier, you will be provided with a number of marketing resources that can be used for both online and offline marketing.

  • A wide variety of banners and advertising links to select for online marketing.
  • Brochures, pamphlets, and handouts for local marketing and events.
  • Caller tips for agents who choose to pursue over the phone telemarketing.
  • Resources for fine-tuning your marketing efforts both online and offline.

eMax is dedicated to protecting and providing our agents with a full service program. At our corporate office, we are excited to continue working with our agents and offer you new updates and tools to make you more effective as an eMax associative.

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